Systematic review support

NURS9328C R21–0828

Supporting materials

  • Slides/materials: [N/A]
  • Online session materials: [N/A]
  • Other materials used: [none]


  • Group: [3]
  • Length: [30]
  • Online: [Async]
  • Discipline: [Any]
  • Level: [CPD]

Suggested online resources

This is the BB space — NURS9328C — Course Menu (Library Resources)

Systematic Review folder

Systematic Review — can these folders be embedded.

  • Introduction to the Library — Finding Information — change the subject guide example to Nursing.
  • Formulating your research question
  • Constructing a search
  • Utilising advanced techniques such as Boolean and MeSH.
  • Scoping Searches
  • Making a Mesh of Things
  • Where will you look for information
  • Specialist Library support

Dissertation folder

Dissertation — can these folders be embedded.

  • 1.0–1.8

Further support

Embed the following

  • Help and support
  • Do we have an embed that links to the drop in support available and is there any way we can link straight to the workshops for the Systematic review online and Systematic review workshop? If we don’t i could put some text together to highlight them and then link to the workshops in general — let me know the best option :)



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