Searching for Literature


SYNC Content

Total Length of session: 45 minutes

By the end of this session you will:

  • Identify and document search terms to inform a coherent literature search for relevant evidence
  • Create a search string of search terms
  • Practice inputting search terms into Library databases to search for literature
Fruit stall to demonstrate broad and narrow search terms
  1. Describe what they see in the picture above. Write down the words and phrases of what they see.
  2. Note down any words that mean the same as what they have already written (ie synonyms).
  3. Finally they should write down words/phrases that are related to what they have already made a note of.
  4. Ask the group to call out what they have written down one at a time. Refer to the concept of broad and narrow and how databases classify information into folders representing the broad terms holding more narrower specific terms.

With reference to Social Constructivism: How does grouping by gender influence attainment within the mathematics classroom?

WHAT keywords do I use to search for good literature/evidence?

Example mind map of breaking down a question
  1. Using post its take the example title/area from the slide and consider the key ideas that the question is exploring. From the ideas you can begin to select the words and phrases that you would use to type into your Google box to find information that will enable you to locate the evidence in your field.
  2. Add each concept/term to a separate post it.
  1. Using post its the students should build a search string using the operators.
  • Cremin, T. & Burnett, C. (eds) (2018). Learning to Teach in the Primary School, (4th edn), London: Routledge
  • Finally ask the students to indicate what things that can make searching more efficient.
  • Ask them what things they need to consider when they are approaching a literature review?

ASYNC Content for Bb

Hi there. A key part of approaching research is performing a literature search. In the live session we practiced a couple of strategies that would enable you to develop how you approach research. Specifically we covered concept mapping search terms and key words, to document the terms that would be relevant to your research. Documenting and recording the terms provides you with the ability to narrow and broaden your search with ease as well as have conversations about how you are approaching your research.



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