Revisiting Library Resources, Year 2 Social Work


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Supporting materials

  • Slides/materials: Slides
  • Mentimeter


  • Group: 40
  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Room: Lecture theatre
  • Discipline: Social Works
  • Level: PGT Year 2

Learning outcomes

After engaging with this support, you will be able to:

  • Locate core library resources
  • Create and document a search
  • Evaluate sources and locate referencing tools
  • Know where to find additional help

Suggested online resources

Session content

Introduction: (Slides 1–2)

Session outline

Creating a strategy (Slides 3–12)

WHAT information are you looking for?WHERE will you look? — Think about what you need to know — think about keywords…

Sample research question

Explain we will be looking at this question in the session

Talk through slides 4–10

Activity — using Mentimeter, think of as many keywords as possible that could answer the question above

Discuss the results — show last year’s results (slide 11)

Venn diagram showing search operators

Slide 12 — Talk the students through how they combine the terms that they have listed for the topic into search strings using Boolean operators to combine concepts and alternative concepts to broaden and narrow search results. Using the example provides a way of demonstrating how to use truncation/wildcards.

Indicate further help on MLE pages (Slides 13–14)

Slide 15 — The Search Cycle

Explain that searching may involve using lots of sources — including google and that it may involve a cycle of searching, reviewing and refining

Slide 16 — Planning your Search

Activity — using Mentimeter, ask the students to be honest — where would they go to answer the research question above?

Activity — using Mentimeter, ask the students if they have used/heard of the following databases;

ASSIA, Community Care Inform, Social Policy and Practice, Social Care Online, Social Services Abstracts, PsycInfo, Web of Science

Using library resources (Slides 17–27)

Talk through the above slides, ideally showing Library Search features and the Subject guide live

Evaluating Information (Slides 28–29)

Activity — using Mentimeter, ask the students — how do you check articles are reliable?

Evaluating information — a check list

Slide 30 — explain we don’t always have every articles they want and they may use Document Supply etc.

Managing Results (Slides 31–34)

Explain the importance of avoiding plagiarism and referencing correctly. Explain that the students do not have to use referencing software. Point out the manual guides as well as the software information on the referencing guide

My Learning Essentials (Slides 35–38)

Wrap up: Refer to My Learning Essentials online resources that are available in the VLE and the Drop-in support that is available weekly. (Slides 39–40)

Ask the SCONUL/RLUK question (Slide 41/Mentimeter)

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Written 22 July 2019

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