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1 min readJan 29, 2024

Managing your Reading Lists.


Session overview: took international students through tips for searching academic databases, how to decide which texts to read, reading critically, and also discussed the use of Generative AI and ChatGPT in academic work.

What to consider:

  • Reading should be active — critical reading involves asking questions of a text and challenging the thinking.
  • Make annotations as you read.
  • Read consistently throughout the course and don’t leave it until an assignment is due.
  • Prioritise ‘essential’ reading.

Introduce students to library search and how to use Boolean operators. If time, demonstrate a search and work through the example given with the students.

AI — talk through that AI should not be used in place of learning. Students should ask themselves why they are turning to ChatGPT or other Generative AI. Students already know far more detailed, academic knowledge about their subject than ChatGPT ever could. It does not ‘know’ or ‘understand’ — it is a text prediction algorithm.



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