Writing Session


Writing an Effective Introduction: the CARS Method

Structuring your argument

Image of the structure of an argument
Structuring your argument

Build Your Argument: The Toulmin Method

  1. Thesis statement: What is the author’s position or claim?
  2. Evidence: what evidence is there to support that position or claim?
  3. Analysis: how does the author link to evidence to support their position or claim?
  4. Follow-up: what additional reasoning has the author given to support their analysis?
  5. Counter-claims: what counter-claims and arguments are there that disagree with the author’s position or claim?
  6. Rebuttal: what evidence or claims does the author use to negate any counter-claims?

Activity — Building up your argument

  1. Answer each of the six questions above with as much detail and information as you can.
  2. Continue to add detail and information about each question as you research your topic and work on your dissertation.

Creating flow

Image of a person creating a Lego structure.
Photo by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash

Choosing the right words and Phrases: The Academic Phrasebank

Structure and flow within your writing

“Why am I writing about this?”

Words (less can be more!)


Other Useful Writing Strategies

Getting started and dealing with writer’s block

Wellbeing in writing

Further Support




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Sharing resources for educators, from The University of Manchester Library

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