My Learning Essentials Team Showcase

April 2021

The MLE showcase is an opportunity for the team to share with each other some of the fabulous work that they have done over the past year.

The Team have written the following reflections on MLE requests that they have worked on:

  • Dave
  • Anna
  • Sam brought an exercise band to the showcase as this represented how agile the MLE asynchronous content and the content plans that we create can be.
Red exercise band
  • Michael
  • Nandana
  • Phil brought his iPad to the showcase to represent information overload. Teaching people how to use software over Zoom, while communicating with the students and helpers and following your instructions, it can be helpful to have more screens. However, too many screens can be overbearing.
iPad, laptop and third screen showing database online workshop
iPad, laptop and third screen, used during online database workshop

To complement their reflections we are holding a synchronous session where the team can come together and discuss what they have learned and how they might take that forwards.

Plan for sync session:


  1. (20 mins) Community chat and warm up — bring a physical object that represents what you have written about in your blog post.
  2. (4 min) Sam/Michael talk about the aim of the showcase and to encourage the team to look at each other’s blog posts:
  • to hear from and learn from each other about each other’s work.
  • to share how the work has made us feel.
  • to prompt us to consider what we might need for September.

3. (18 mins + 18 mins) Mad tea from Equity Unbound

Explain the activity and its origin and its purpose.

After each question and responses in the chat there will be an opportunity to look at all the answers and for a short discussion.

The first slide is a trial round.

Prompts for slides:

  • The superpower I wish I had is______________
  • Over the past year being involved in teaching online I have learned __________________________
  • Next time I am involved in teaching I will ________________________________________
  • For 21/22 I would like support with ____________________________________________________

4. (10 mins) Reflections from the e-learning team

5. (6 mins) What have you learnt from the session? Share in the chat, give an example



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