Managing your time and prioritising tasks

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For e-learning please use the content from R20–0717 EART11300 in Anna T’s folder with the following adjustments .


Hi there.

In this resource we are going to explore how you can manage your time effectively and prioritise tasks. We will also share a strategy that can assist you in setting your personal goals for the semester.

Developing your time management skills


(E-learning activity ‘Sharing Advice’ renamed)

Activity: Community sharing

Now you have heard from the student team, do you have anything to add?

Share your ideas with your course colleagues using the Jamboard. Add electronic sticky notes that identify the following:

* The actions are you most likely to use to manage your time.

* Your tips which haven’t been mentioned.

(E-learning please exclude the Collaborating online section)

Reflective exercise: setting your goals

You can use the WOOP technique (, 2020) to help you set goals and plan effectively for the future, setting your goals helps you to stay motivated and engaged. WOOP stands for:





When taking on a new task or working towards a goal it is important to make sure you are prepared and have a balanced view of what this will involve. This means you will need to think about the outcome you want and what will be required to achieve it. You will also have to consider carefully any obstacles which could potentially distract you from your goal or disrupt your plan.


Using this document map out your goals for the coming semester.

1. Wish: write your wish or goal for your studies. What are the best things that could happen? Imagine what the most authentic result would be.

2. Outcome: write a clear description of what you want the outcome of this wish to be. How will you feel if you accomplish your goal?

3. Obstacle: list anything which may get in the way of your achieving the outcome which you want.

4. Plan: write a plan for how you will overcome any obstacles to ensure you meet your goal. What strategies will you use? Is there anything you need to organise/put in place to make sure you are successful?

You might want to put a list of goals and motivations somewhere you will see them every day, or take the time to explain them to a friend or family member. Your goals will serve to motivate you throughout your course. Once you have clearly defined your goals you can return to them whenever your studies become more challenging, to motivate yourself.


We hope that you have found the content here useful. You should be more aware of how you spend time and where you could be more efficient in your use of the time that you have available. It is worth remembering that whatever plans that you make can be changed and new priorities set.

Stay in touch.



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