Introduction to Thomson ONE for financials and reports

Supporting materials

  • Slides/materials: slides awaiting QA
  • Online session materials: see ‘Suggested online resources’
  • Other materials used: Computer requires Internet Explorer!


  • Group: 60 students (anything over 20 students)
  • Length: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Room: lecture theatre
  • Discipline: this group are studying real estate companies
  • Level: final year UG and PGT

Learning outcomes

After engaging with this support, you will be able to:

  • Identify and use key databases in your discipline
  • Identify and use relevant specialist information common in your discipline

Suggested online resources

Use the following Specialist Library Support online resources:

See also Accessing Thomson ONE and Getting help in Thomson ONE from Library Help (FAQ posts).

Session content

The main aim of this session is to work through the two linked online resources in front of a room of students and show them how to get help from the Library.

Since the Thomson ONE resource requires Internet Explorer, it is not possible to run the session as a workshop above about 16 students. If the audience is much larger, as in this session (120 students over two lectures), run it as a demonstration and get them to find the online resources (which we will ask to be linked in Blackboard).


  1. Accessing Thomson ONE
  2. Finding company financial and price data
  3. Finding company and industry reports
  4. Getting support

Accessing Thomson ONE

  • Demonstrate Accessing Thomson ONE.
  • Use Internet Explorer with compatibility view.
  • Make the screen resolution lower to enlarge icons as much as possible.
  • Use pointer magnifier tool if available.

Finding company financial and price data

  • Briefly talk about the company overview page (sections for financials, peers, reports, deals).
  • Demonstrate Introduction to Thomson ONE financial statements.
  • Use the given hotel examples.
  • As much as possible, use real estate company examples too: ‘Savills PLC’, ‘Redrow PLC’, ‘Persimmon PLC’, ‘Barratt Developments PLC’, ‘Berkeley Group Holdings PLC’.

Finding company and industry reports

Getting support

  • Show Library website, business data pages.
  • Show online resources and subject guide.
  • Talk about drop-ins, show Ask an Expert.

Internal ID: R19–0653




Sharing resources for educators, from The University of Manchester Library

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Sharing resources for educators, from The University of Manchester Library

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