Introduction to specialist financial databases

R20–0715 BMAN31000 Session 1 of 2

Session plan: Introduction to specialist financial databases

Session 1 of 2, see series plan (other session is about analysis and writing)

Supporting materials

  • Slides/materials: workbook in two parts, part 1 and part 2
  • Online session materials: see part 1 for MCQ activity
  • Other materials used: Zoom for the Q&A session


  • Group: About 100 total
  • Length: N/A
  • Room: async with Zoom for Q&A session for group leaders and breakout rooms
  • Discipline: business and management
  • Level: 3rd year undergraduate

Learning outcomes

After engaging with this support, you will be able to:

  • Identify and use key databases in your discipline
  • Identify and use relevant specialist information common in your discipline

Suggested online resources

  • SLS webpages

Session content

See the Microsoft Word workbook for details. Insert this into the study space on Blackboard, with the MCQs as a quiz, and the second part of the workbook (answers) as an adaptive release second document after completing the quiz.

1. Preparation

2. Selecting business databases

2.1 Accessing the business and management databases page

3. Refinitiv Eikon

3.1 Accessing Eikon and booking an Eikon ID
3.2 Using Eikon to find a company overview and filings
3.3 Using Eikon to find company and industry reports

4. Factiva

4.1 Accessing Factiva
4.2 Finding company profiles and news in Factiva

5. Frost & Sullivan

5.1 Accessing Frost & Sullivan
5.2 Finding reports in Frost & Sullivan

6. Euromonitor Passport

6.1 Accessing Passport
6.2 Finding industry reports in Passport

7. Statista

7.1 Accessing Statista
7.2 Finding studies in Statista

8. Further support

9. Activities


  1. Which of these databases contain news about companies around the world?
    a. Eikon
    b. Factiva
    c. Financial Times
    d. All of the above
  2. Which company reported the largest gross profit (or operating income) in the financial year ending 2017? Hint: use Eikon (or Factiva) to find company income statements.
    a. Nintendo Co Ltd
    b. Electronic Arts Inc
    c. Activision Blizzard Inc
    d. Zynga Inc”
  3. Which country in the world has largest projected revenue for mobile gaming? Hint: search Statista for ‘mobile games worldwide’ and choose a ‘Digital Market Outlook’.
    a. China
    b. Japan
    c. South Korea
    d. United States
  4. The chart attached was created in Eikon. It shows the 2-year share price of Ubisoft (blue) against Take Two (orange) and Gamesys (pink). In October 2019, Ubisoft’s price dropped, to its lowest price in the period, while its peers did not change as much. What might have contributed to this? (Hint: look up the ‘Significant Developments’ news for that month).
    a. Google says partnered with Ubisoft, to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to Chrome browser
    b. Take-Two Interactive Software to acquire mobile games developer Playdots
    c. Ubisoft announces staff departures
    d. Ubisoft revises downwards its financial targets for fiscal 2019–2020


[See workbook part 2]

Internal ID: R20–0715



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