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UPDATED for R23–1060

Supporting materials


  • Group: [25]
  • Length: [1.30]
  • Online: [zoom]
  • Discipline: [Any]
  • Level: [level(s) of study this session is suitable for e.g. UG/PGT]

Learning outcomes

After engaging with this support, you will be able to:

  • Identify an appropriate tool to use finding information for your specific purpose
  • Identify and use key databases in your discipline
  • Identify and use relevant specialist information in your discipline
  • Develop an awareness of a wide range of information sources available to use in academic work
  • Smoothly incorporate the work of others into a piece of academic writing

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ASYNC resources


  • Start to Finish: Searching — This set of resources will take you through the searching process from start to finish and help you to high quality, relevant sources for use in your work.

Academic writing

  • Start to finish: essay writing — This set of resources will take you through the writing process from start to finish and help you to produce a well-structured, coherent piece of work that answers the question, evidences your own analysis and is easy for your reader to follow.

Being Critical:

  • Thinking, reading and writing critically
  • Developing argument within your writing
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Link to the SLS blog — advanced searching


  • Start to Finish: referencing — This set of resources will show you how to reference different types of sources in your assignments. It will help you to cite, paraphrase and manage your references using tools such as EndNote desktop and Endnote online.
  • Link to the SLS blog — referencing
  • Keep the subject guide image and link to a-z list of subject guides
  • Add the Help and Support bit at the end.

Session content

The support the embedded content there will be a live Zoom session in September following consultation with the tutor

Internal ID: R21–0834



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