Finding company information with Eikon (for MBA)

Supporting materials

  • Slides/materials: [adding to the lecturer’s slides], [Word document]
  • Online session materials: requires an Eikon ID (one per instructor); AMBS WebEx login
  • Other materials used: Blackboard Communicate


  • Group: 30 (for the pilot)
  • Length: 90 minutes with a break in the middle
  • Room: online (WebEx)
  • Discipline: international business strategy
  • Level: Full-time MBA (for the pilot; may extend to Global MBA in future and be delivered by UMW centres in Shanghai and Dubai)

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and use relevant specialist information common in your discipline

Suggested online resources

Session content

  • 10 mins: Welcome induction to the Library (details TBA). Focus on how to find database access and help. Add to the main slides for the day. — John
  • 10 mins: Taster demonstration of the Eikon interface, company overview function and navigation. (Do this before the log on/access demo: show them something exciting and engaging as soon as possible) — Phil
  • 5 mins: Demonstration of logging into Eikon (may use the booking system, or a special class account) Explain why it is like this, a valuable product used in industry. — Phil
  • 5 mins: break
  • 20 mins: Detailed demonstration of relevant company functions. — John
  • 20 mins: Group exercises 1–5
  • 20 mins: Review exercises and Q and A — both

Although we have marked Phil or John leading various sections, they could do the whole session individually if the other has a technical or similar issue and has to leave the session.

Outline in more steps

See the Word document (link at top) which will be given to students via Blackboard for full details here with images and instructions.

  • Load up Marriott International Inc
  • View company summary, mention: Business summary; News; Fundamentals; ESG; Peers
  • Mention the company menu
  • Suggest company reports, price history, charts, financials, esg, peer analysis, value chains, 360 menu
  • Mention other stuff on the page: Menu icon top left; Help, Settings
  • Go to Fundamentals from menu
  • Look at the guide for the financials (they can do this in their own time if desired)
  • Look at the guide for reports (they can do this in their own time if desired)

Back to overview, still with Marriott

Go to Peers box, click thru

  • Look at list of peers
  • How does it do it? Click on blue Edit Peers button
  • Change sample peer set, look at ? help button for methodology
  • Change to Indices, looks at companies on same index eg NASDAQ
  • Tick box at top of column to select all then click Save
  • View results
  • Export to Excel

Go to menu, Value Chains

  • You can see all the current known suppliers and customers for that company.
  • Change view to Industry Breakdown, click through to view eg Technology suppliers
  • Then through to Software, see Aviater Corp
  • See also Geographic Breakdown
  • Look for Asian relationships, see UAE: Qordoba Ltd

Look at ESG quickly

  • Look at ESG combined score, for last few years, and the controversies score
  • There are many components, look around.

Change to another company in another sector:

  • Type intel to get Intel Corp, taken back to overview page.
  • Scroll down again, the same idea
  • Click on Peers


  1. Who are the largest five customers of Expedia Group? Which function did you use?
  2. What are the largest industries which make up the customers of Expedia Group?
  3. Which suppliers of Qualcomm are based in China?
  4. Who are the largest four peers of NVidia, based on a metric of your choosing. Why did you choose that method? Which function did you use?
  5. Of NXP, SK Hynix and SMIC, which had the least controversies in 2016–2018? Which function did you use and why?

Feedback for next year

  • I’ve adjusted the timings above, gave too much for first demo and not enough for second.
  • Need to be aware of possible platform changes between the construction of materials and delivery! (We had several)
  • Need to write out model answers (at least in rough for instructor use). Could reveal these in a separate document after the session.

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