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R21–0920, MACE6300, Async only content to support dissertations

Request information

  • Cohort size: 500
  • Level: Masters ,1 year Management of Projects
  • Reach: Core unit (taken by all students on the relevant programme)
  • Brief: “This is a core unit for Masters Management of Projects course , all students required to do a dissertation. The Programme lead would like all relevant dissertation support to be embedded in ‘Useful Links’ folder in the BB space for this course unit. Students either do traditional literature review using secondary data or use primary data following data collection and analysis methodologies.”

Async embed details

Requested embed to include links and descriptions below:

  • Start to Finish Dissertations guide

This resource will take you through how to plan, research and choose a topic for your dissertation. It will help you to produce a well-planned, researched dissertation that will hold your interest and the interest of your reader.

  • Data and Statistics guide at the University of Manchester

This guide provides information for University of Manchester students and staff on how to understand and use data effectively, support for statistical support and statistics resources for the UK, EU and International regions. You will find these resources useful for locating statistics in books, journal articles, databases and on the web.

  • Start to finish: Statistics

Do you need to analyse a set of data and produce some statistics? You do not need to be an expert to produce a statistical report. These resources will give you a basic introduction to statistics and introduce you to producing reports in SPSS.

  • Describing your statistical data

We encounter statistics in all areas of our life and it is important that we understand how statistics extract meaning from data. This post will explore the methods and descriptives you can use to describe your data.

  • Referencing help — [Not a link, title only]

We have a range of brand Specialist Library Support resources to help you reference your sources correctly for your dissertation.

  • Start to Finish Referencing

This set of resources will show you how to reference different types of sources in your assignments. It will help you to cite, paraphrase and manage your references using tools such as EndNote, Endnote online and Mendeley.

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