An Introduction to your Library Resources: MA Film Studies

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3 min readFeb 3, 2022

This session will introduce students to the core library resources and raise awareness of some of the tools that may be useful in conducting searches. The powerpoint slides are designed to reinforce the points made in a live demonstration of where to find Library Search, Subject guides and My Learning Essentials. The trainer may use the slides as a personal prompt. The students will have access to the slides on their blackboard pages.

Supporting materials


  • Group: 18 students, 1 trainer
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Room: Classroom
  • Discipline: SALC
  • Level: PGT

Learning outcomes

  • Know where to find core library resources including Library Search, Subject guides and My Learning Essentials resources
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different search tools
  • To understand the basic principles of searching and the usage of search operators
  • Identify appropriate tools to use for finding information for your specific purpose

Suggested online resources

Shopping for information: introducing subject databases

Planning ahead: making your search work

Knowing where to look: your search toolkit

Getting Results: Guides to Searching Databases

Search Operators

Original Thinking Allowed: Avoiding Plagiarism

Session content

The session is an overview of resources in a range of Welcome/Induction morning of talks .


Slides 1–2 — Objectives — This session will cover…

Introducing library resources

Searching for information/Managing results

My Learning Essentials

Slides 3–13 — Using Library Resources

screen picture of PowerPoint slide

This slide reinforces the core tools that the students should be aware of. The trainer may use this slide as a prompt to ensure all tools are pointed out in a live demonstration of the web pages

Library Search — what this does and how to use it

Explain that Library Search will;

Search books, journals, database abstracts

Save items to your e-shelf

Email references to yourself and others

Export references to Endnote, Mendeley etc.

Copy a reference in your required citation style

Point out the functions on Library Search, such as the E-Bookshelf

Library subject guides — what these are and where to find them

Show the alphabetical list of guides, highlighting the Screen Studies and Referencing guides

Researching your topic — Slides 14–20

screen picture of research question

A sample question with an illustration of how to use search operators. These slides are to reinforce a basic live demonstration. This session is not intended to showcase complex searching.

In a live demonstration the trainer may use Library Search or a database to demonstrate a simple search using search operators.

screen picture of different search concepts

Slides 21–24

Explain that searching may involve using lots of sources — including google and that it may involve a cycle of searching, reviewing and refining

Slides 25–26 — Referencing

MLE/SLS Slides 27 -32

The slides show examples of some of the MLE resources. The live demonstration can show the MLE pages instead.

Slides 33–34

End of presentation/ RLUK question

— — —

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